What is the summary for Chapter 23 of Rob Roy?

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When the magistrate shines his light on Frank’s guide, Jarvie at once recognizes him. He exclaims in surprise and asks why he shouldn’t lock him up. The guide replies that they are related by marriage, plus he could very well splatter Jarvie’s brains all over the wall. The guide introduces Frank, of whom Jarvie has heard through Andrew, who has given the impression that Frank is an actor, since he equates poets with the stage. Frank rectifies the error. Jarvie has also heard of Frank’s soured relationship with his father and Rashleigh’s replacement of him at the firm. Frank objects to being the brunt of Jarvie’s taunt, but he respects his motive, especially since he is standing bail for Owen.

When Frank is told that in ten days the bills that Rashleigh carries will come due, he remembers that at that time he is to open Diana’s letter. When he opens it, another letter falls at Jarvie’s feet. When he picks it up, he declares that it is addressed to Campbell. Frank then recognizes that the guide is Campbell himself. Frank is embarrassed at his own stupidity that he did not at once recognize him from their previous encounters.

Campbell tells Frank to leave Owen in Glasgow and come himself to Campbell’s home. The party then leaves the jail easily, since the jailer has departed and left the doors unlocked. In the meantime, Jarvie invites Frank to dine with him, an invitation that Frank readily accepts.

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