What is the summary for Chapter 23 of The Kite Runner?

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Amir fades in and out of consciousness. He wakes up two days later in a hospital in Peshawar with a broken jaw, punctured lung, ruptured spleen, and other injuries. Dr.Faruqi the-head and-neck surgeon has saved his life in the nick of the moment.  Amir recovers slowly but surely under the devoted care of the nurse Aisha. Amir'supper lip is badly cut and Faruqi tells him that even after plastic surgery there will be a scar. Amir's upper lip has been cut and it now resembles a hare lip - like that of Hassan's before his surgery.

On the next day, Farid and Sohrab visit Amir. Amir introduces himself to Sohrab and thanks him for saving his life. But Sohrab,who is now wearing Farid's son's clothes, does not warm up to Amir and does not take Amir's hand when he offers it to him.

Rahim Khan has left town, leaving a letter for Amir and a small key. He tells Amir that he should forgive himself for what happened to Hassan and he should also forgive Baba someday. Rahim Khan explains that Baba was torn between his two sons and took out his frustration on Amir because Amir resembled him and constantly reminded him of his guilt: "when he saw you, he saw himself. And his guilt." Rahim Khan also leaves his money in a safe deposit box for Amir. The small key is the key to the safe deposit-box.

Amir has to be moved soon because the Taliban are looking for him. Amir writes down the names of the American couple John and Betty Caldwell so that Farid could look for them and he could arrange to leave Sohrab under their care. Amir bonds slowly with Sohrab over a game of cards called 'panjpar.' Farid confirms from the American consulate that there never was a couple called 'John and Betty Caldwell.' Amir realises that they were fictitious names created by Rahim Khan.

Amir gets himself discharged from the hospital, collects the money from the bank bids farewell to Farid and reaches  Islamabad with Amir after a four hour long ride.

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