What is the summary for Chapter 21 of Rob Roy?

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Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Frank remains in his rooms at the inn until night, when he ventures out to meet the stranger who had given him the warning that morning in the church. At one point, he overhears Andrew talking to a cloaked stranger, whom he calls Mr. Hammorgaw. Frank hears Andrew’s description of him as being given to poetry, but not a "bad lad." Still, Frank is incensed at the caricature Andrew gives of him to a stranger, and would like to deal with him in no uncertain terms, yet he refrains and continues on his way.

At last he is accosted in the street by the stranger himself, who directs him to follow him. The stranger will not give his name to Frank, who objects to being expected to trust in someone who will not identify himself. The stranger tells Frank that he has no other choice if he wants to discover what the danger is that he faces in Glasgow. The stranger stresses that he is not armed and not an enemy, though Frank has difficulty believing either.

The stranger reveals to Frank that he is taking him to a place where he himself dares not go. He finally tells Frank that he is taking him to a prison. Franks stops and prepares to defend himself, but the stranger informs him that he is not being taken there as a prisoner, but in order to hear from someone there concerning the danger he is in. Frank relents and the two proceed.

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