What is the summary for Chapter 20 of Twilight?

Expert Answers
slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bella wakes up in a hotel room in Phoenix. Alice sets Bella up with some room service and the three wait anxiously for Carlisle to call. Bella worries, and Jasper and Alice calm her. As the day goes on, Bella asks Alice for updates, but Alice can only tell her very little. Bella then asks her how a person can become a vampire. Alice is reluctant to tell her, but gives in, saying that if a vampire bites a person but doesn’t drink all their blood, then the venom from their bite painfully spreads, and the person becomes a vampire. Alice shares that she has no recollection of this event, or of her life as a human. Then suddenly she has a vision of the tracker in a room. They receive a call from Carlisle, that they lost the tracker. After a short conversation with Edward on the phone, Bella turns back to Alice, who has drawn a picture of the room in the vision. Bella identifies this room as a ballet studio in Phoenix. Bella calls her mother, leaving a message to not worry. Then the three resume their wait.