What is the summary for Chapter 20 of Rob Roy?

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Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Frank and Andrew enter the church, they are directed, not into the main cathedral, but down steps into the vaults. Services are held in a type of catacombs, surrounded by tombs. Seating is limited, so Frank and Andrew, along with many others, are forced to stand around the perimeter.

Frank listens to the preacher, who is intent on appealing to the intellect, rather than the heart, of his parishioners. The focus of Scottish preaching is through logic, rather than rhetoric, Frank states. However, Frank has difficulty maintaining interest, and his attention wanders to the wide variety of parishioners who attend the church.

Frank searches for any sign of Owen among the crowd, but sees none. He whispers to Andrew if he can spot anyone from MacVittie and Company, whom they have come to see, in the congregation, but Andrew peremptorily quiets him.

From behind him, Frank hears someone whisper to him, "You are in danger in this city." When he turns around to see who spoke, he sees no one. He decides to turn around, and wait for whoever spoke to speak again. In a few minutes he does, telling Frank again that he is in danger, as he himself is, and that Frank should meet him at the Brigg tonight at midnight. He warns him not to wander around the city, but to stay hidden. Frank tries to find him among the crowd, but only sees a retreating figure.

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