What is the summary for Chapter 2 of Into the Wild?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Stampede Trail, the route taken by Chris McCandless, wanders through rolling bottomland on the northern margin of the Alaska Range.  In 1930 the trail was blazed by a miner named Earl Pilgrim, and in 1961 a construction company was hired to upgrade the trail.  The company hauled three "junked buses, outfitted...with bunks and a simple barrel stove" up into the wilderness to house its workers, and when the project was halted, one of the buses was left behind "to serve as a backcountry shelter for hunters and trappers".  The rusted vehicle was located "twenty-five miles west of Healy...just beyond the boundary of Denali National Park.

On September 6, 1992, three moose hunters managed to get across the flooded Teklanika River and arrived at the bus, where they found "a guy and a girl from Anchorage standing fifty feet away...looking kinda spooked".  A "real bad smell" came from inside the bus, and a "disquieting" S.O.S. note was taped on the door.  Upon investigation, the hunters discovered the body of Chris McCandless inside the bus, huddled in a sleeping bag.  He had been dead "for two and a half weeks". 

McCandless's remains, along with a camera, the note, and a diary, were removed from the bus by state troopers.  At the time of autopsy, "McCandless's remains weighed sixty-seven pounds", and starvation was conjectured to be the probably cause of death (Chapter 2).