What is the summary for Chapter 2 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter Two:  The Vanishing Glass

Ten years have passed, and Dudley Dursley has been spoiled rotten by his parents while Harry Potter has been forced to sleep in "the cupboard under the stairs" and treated horribly.  Compared to his cousin, Harry is scrawny with dark hair, bright green eyes, and large glasses.  Harry still has the scar, shaped like a lightning bolt, on his forehead, but he has no idea why it is there.  The Dursleys have told Harry that his parents died in a car crash and demanded that Harry not ask questions.

It is Dudley's birthday, and Harry is forced to serve the Dursleys as they dispense lavish gifts on their already spoiled son.  After being miffed at the "small" number of presents (thirty-seven), Dudley is even more horrified that Harry is going to accompany them to the zoo because they couldn't pawn him off on someone else.

Harry is warned not to perform any "funny business" at the zoo; however, Harry knows that strange things often happen in his favor, even though he doesn't know why.  At the zoo, Dudley and his friend Piers soon get bored of the animals and try to get a snake to move.  Suddenly, the snake winks at Harry and the two begin communicating.  When Dudley pushes Harry rudely out of the way, the glass on the snake's tank vanishes.   Harry is thanked by the snake on its way to freedom. 

Back at home, Harry is banished to his cupboard.  While there, Harry thinks about his common vision of a blinding flash of green light and wonders if that was a result of the car crash.  He contemplates how weird strangers seem to recognize him and then vanish.  Harry feels totally alone.

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