What is the summary for Chapter 2 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

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cburr eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 2 – Dobby’s Warning

On the bed is a small, excitable creature with large, bat-like ears, a long thin nose and bulging big green eyes – the eyes Harry’d seen in the hedge.  Named Dobby, he explains in a high-pitched voice that he is a house-elf.  He is bound to serve one wizard family forever unless the family sets him free.  

He’ll have to punish himself for doing it, but Dobby has come to warn Harry that he mustn’t return to Hogwarts.  There is a dark plot that would put Harry in mortal danger, but Dobby can’t reveal the details.  Uncle Vernon comes up to investigate the noise, and Harry stuffs Dobby in the closet.  When the coast is clear, Dobby admits to stopping Harry’s letters so he’ll think no one likes him at Hogwarts.  Harry tries to grab the letters, but Dobby jumps away and Harry has to chase him downstairs into the kitchen. 

Harry won’t promise to quit Hogwarts, so Dobby tips over Aunt Petunia’s fancy dessert and disappears.  Uncle Vernon tries to carry on with the party, but all is ruined when a huge owl swoops into the dining room with a letter for Harry.  It’s from the Ministry of Magic, threatening to expel Harry from Hogwarts because he used a Hover Charm.  Now Uncle Vernon knows that Harry can’t use magic, so they needn’t be afraid of him.  He locks Harry in his room around the clock.  After several days, Harry dreams of being caged in a zoo.  When he wakes, he looks out the window to see Ron staring in!

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