What is the summary for Chapter 2 of The Blithedale Romance?

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Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The next day, Coverdale had journeyed to Blithedale. Though it was mid-April and the morning had been warm, a sudden snowstorm blew in, providing a marked contrast to the warm, cozy fire that Coverdale enjoyed in his apartments at the community. In an act that he describes as "heroic," Coverdale decides to venture out into the snowstorm. He is accompanied by three others, including Hollingsworth. The four travel through the town to its environs, enjoying the brisk, stormy weather. Coverdale, however, enjoys it less than the others do.

Coverdale speculates on their experiment to change the world. He seems reluctant to fully commit himself to the philosophy behind Blithedale, yet enjoys the time while it lasts.

On the travelers’ return to their lodgings, they are welcomed by Mrs. Foster, the wife of Silas Foster, who is the real farmer of the community, and has undertaken to teach the inhabitants the art of husbandry. Other residents of Blithedale also appear, most notably two young women, who have a certain of uncertainty as to their place in the community.

As the greetings are concluded, the noted Zenobia enters the parlor. Zenobia is a leading figure of the community, who has taken this name as a pen name for her magazine articles about the philosophy behind the community. She is looked upon, and looks upon herself, as a regal personage, both in Blithedale and in the world at large.