What is the summary for Chapter 19 of Rob Roy?

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Frank and Andrew arrive in Scotland the next morning. When Andrew tries to sell his horse, he is too free in his conversation about its origins, and the horse is "arrested" until the matter can be resolved with Thorncliff. Though the attorney is a friend of Andrew’s, he still follows the law, though he refrains from taking Andrew into custody as well. Andrew laments that lawyers are lawyers in any country. Frank writes his uncle to inform him of the whereabouts of the horse, should he choose to reclaim him.

The two proceed to Glasgow, which at that time was not the city of business it would eventually become. They arrived on a Saturday night, so they could conduct no business, as the Scots strictly observe the Sabbath.

In the morning, a Sunday, they try to locate the firm at which Owen was supposed to have met them. However, they are informed that nothing can be done until church is over. It is suggested that they attend services at the Barony Kirk, which is the most popular church in Glasgow. They need no directions, since the crowd indicates the direction of the church.

Frank and Andrew go into the church, remarking on its impressive structure. At that time, it was the largest metropolitan church in Scotland that had survived the Reformation. Many Catholic cathedrals had been destroyed, but this is one that survived.

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