What is the summary for Chapter 18 of Rob Roy?

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Frank resolves to leave for Scotland the next morning. He goes to see Andrew, hoping that the gardener can tell him how to get there. It becomes evident, however, that Frank will need a guide. He asks Andrew if he knows someone who would be will to undertake the task of leading him to Glasgow. Andrew says that he indeed knows someone, and that he himself will do it.

Frank is concerned about Andrew’s leaving Osbaldistone Hall and thus losing his position. Andrew assures him that he is ready to leave, provided that Frank will make this trip worth his while, financially speaking. Frank assures him that he will be amply paid.

They leave before daylight the next morning, Andrew having provided a horse for himself. He immediately begins riding faster than Frank can keep up, and despite Frank’s calls and remonstrances, he is soon far ahead of Frank. It is not until Frank calls out that he is prepared to shoot Andrew’s horse that Andrew manages to hear his requests to slow down.
When Frank catches up to Andrew, he notices that Andrew’s horse is none other than that belonging to Thorncliff. Andrew explains that Thorncliff owes him money, and he is taking the horse as payment until he receives cash.

Andrew also reveals that he is familiar with this back road to Scotland because he is a smuggler. With more clues, Frank begins to suspect that there is some approaching conflict between the English and the Jacobites.

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