What is the summary for Chapter 18 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

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In the office, Harry tells the Weasleys, McGonagall, and Dumbledore (who is back) everything that happened. Harry gives Dumbledore Tom Riddle's diary, and Dumbledore tells them all that Tom Riddle was a brilliant student at Hogwarts who traveled everywhere after he left, and became engrossed in the Dark Arts. Riddle became Voldemort, who very little resembled the boy he once used to be. Ginny is sent to the hospital wing, where the petrified patients are being dosed with mandrake juice and are waking up. Harry and Ron are given "Special Awards for Services to the School" and a feast is to be held to celebrate. The boys explain what happened with Lockhart, and Dumbledore pulls Harry aside. Harry tells him that Riddle had said they were very much alike, and the sorting hat had said Harry would do well in Slytherin. Dumbledore explains that the difference between the two is the choices that they make. He tells Harry that it is choices that people make that show what people truly are made of. Then Lucius Malfoy walks in, with Dobby behind him. Lucius is angry that Dumbledore is back, and Harry realizes that Lucius gave the diary to Ginny in Flourish and Botts. He denies it, and Harry runs after him, shoving the diary into a dirty sock. He shoves the package into Lucius' hand, and Lucius throws the sock off to Dobby, thereby setting Dobby free by giving him a gift. Hogwarts celebrates, and the students head home for the summer.

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