What is the summary for Chapter 17 of Twilight?

Expert Answers
slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Blacks are waiting in Charlie's driveway when Edward and Bella pull up. Edward leaves a bit peeved that Jacob and Billy Black are there. The Blacks are there on the pretense of dropping off some fish fry for Charlie. Billy Black sends Jacob on an errand to get something out of the car so he can warn Bella about spending time with Edward Cullen. Bella is not receptive to the lecture, and Billy and Jacob leave. Bella gets changed for the evening and has a short phone conversation with Jessica, who tells her that the dance was wonderful and Mike kissed her. After all that Bella has been through, Jessica's account of the dance seems very unimportant. When Bella's dad arrives home, Bella tells him that she has a date with Edward and he is coming to the house to meet Charlie. When Edward arrives, Charlie makes him promise that he'll take care of Bella. Edward leaves with Bella in a monster Jeep, much to the surprise of Charlie, and takes her to the woods to meet his family. He has to coerce her to ride on his back again to get to the clearing, and though Bella is nervous about it, he manages to convince her by kissing her. They arrive in the clearing and the game begins as thunder masks the sounds of their batting. After a while, Alice stops playing and announces to everyone that she has had a vision of visiting vampires coming their way. There is no time to run, so they stay and wait for the visitors arrival.