What is the summary for Chapter 17 of Rob Roy?

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Frank decides to confront Die in the library concerning Father Vaughan’s influence over her. When he enters, she is startled and acts suspiciously. Frank states that he’s come only for a book, when he sees a man’s glove lying on the table. Die says it is merely a relic from her grandfather and draws another glove from the table drawer to prove it. However, as Frank notes, they are both right-handed gloves, and so cannot be a set. Frank begins to question her, but she insists that he has no right to do so, and Frank feels that she is now breaking off their friendship. She tells him that both will be leaving soon, and will never meet again.

Die then gives him a letter. It appears that his father’s letters have been intercepted, and it is only through a faithful retainer of Die’s that this one got through. The letter is from Tresham, the business partner of Frank’s father, stating that Rashleigh has left London for Scotland, carrying money and bills to people in that country and has not been heard from since. Owen has gone to Glasgow to track Rashleigh down, and it is requested that Frank meet him there.

Frank is in agony that it is through his rebellion that his father’s finances, and thus his life, will be ruined. Before he leaves, Die gives him a sealed letter. She instructs him to open it only if his own efforts in recovering Rashleigh and the money have failed.

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