What is the summary for Chapter 16 of Rob Roy?

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Frank begins to have some hope that he is working his way into Die’s affections. While they were studying together, one of his poems falls out of a book. She reads it, then tells him that his efforts could be applied better to other matters. Frank is offended, but tries to hide it. Die, however, can see through it, but still is honest with him.

Die asks Frank if he has heard from his father yet, and he replies in the negative. She then tells him that his father is attending business in Holland, and Rashleigh is left in complete control of the business. She warns Frank that, left to himself, Rashleigh will completely ruin the business, in order to make profit for himself.

Frank asks her advice, whether or not he should go to London for a short time to look into it and be a restrictive presence until his father should return. Die advises that indeed he should leave Osbaldistone Hall, but also that he should not return. Frank is hurt that she would even think of leaving, but she assures him that she is used to losing friends. Frank then takes the bold step of kissing her hand, thus declaring his true feelings. She withdraws, reminding him that she is destined for the convent, if not for an arranged marriage. Thus, his attentions to her are inappropriate. She asks him to leave. Frank sees a tapestry covering a door to Rashleigh’s chambers moves, but Die insists it is nothing but a rat. Frank, however, knows that they have been overheard.

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