What is the summary for Chapter 16 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

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Unfortunately, with everyone being watched so carefully, the boys cannot get to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. In class, it is announced that exams are a week away, and that the mandrakes are almost ready to make the potion that will revive the petrified people. Ginny comes to Harry with something important to tell him, but she loses the nerve to tell. Harry and Ron manage to sneak off and try to get to the bathroom, but they are caught, and they tell McGonagall that they are trying to visit Hermione. She gives them permission and they find that the petrified Hermione has a paper in her hand that talks about the Basilisk, the King of Serpents. Hermione has written "pipes" below it, and Harry realizes that the snake was traveling through the pipes, and that his how Harry was hearing the voice. They go to report what they know, but the staff is called together. Ginny Weasley has been taken by the heir into the chamber. Harry and Ron run to Lockhart, who is supposed to fight the monster. Lockhart is packing up to leave, and admits that he didn't do anything that was written in his books. They drag him to Moaning Myrtle, and she tells them that she died after seeing two big yellow eyes. Harry finds the passage and opens it using Parceltongue. They find a snakeskin and Lockhart tries to escape, and in doing so blasts the tunnel, separating Harry and Ron. Harry continues on alone, finding a door with a snake carving. He opens it by speaking Parceltongue, and walks through.

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