What is the summary for Chapter 15 of Rob Roy?

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Frank decides to write his father, relating to him the problems he is encountering with Morris’s accusation. He worries that he has not received any correspondence from him, or from Owen, since he arrived in Northumberland. He decides to ride to the post-office to mail the letter himself.

At the post office he receives a letter and a check from Owen concerning Rashleigh’s arrival and settling into the business. There is not hint that Owen had received the letter Frank had previously written him. Along with the letter to his father, Frank writes another letter to Owen.

On his return to Osbaldistone Hall, during a walk in the garden it is noticed that the door to the turret, leading to private access to Rashleigh’s chambers, is open. Andrew and Frank wonder who could have used the entrance. Andrew speculates that it might have been left open by Father Vaughan, the family priest, who frequently visited the Hall and used Rashleigh’s chambers. Since these chambers also had access to the library, Frank ponders whether or not the candle in the library he had seen the night before could have been Father Vaughan. He knew that Father Vaughan and Die had some conversation, though Die had never mentioned him to Frank past introducing him. Frank assumed that Father Vaughan would be in charge of admitting Die into a convent should she choose not to marry one of her Osbaldistone cousins. Frank worries about what the nature of the relationship is between the priest and Die.

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