What is the summary for Chapter 14 of Twilight?

Expert Answers
jessecreations eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bella asks Edward how old he is, and he tells her that he was born in 1901 and made vampire in 1918. His parents had died of the Spanish Influenza, and he was near death, so Carlisle brought him over. He will not tell her how to change a human to a vampire, but he does tell her that it's a very painful process. He tells her that Carlisle changed Esme after she fell off a cliff, and then Rosalie. Rosalie found Emmett and asked Carlisle to change him for her, and Alice and Jasper came on their own later.

Then Edward says that Alice's special talent is that she can see things that will happen in the future. Later he explains that Jasper can alter the moods of those around him. He says there are other vampires, but most are not "vegetarian" and live nomad lifestyles.

Edward admits to Bella that he has spied on her before, and watched her sleep almost every night. He says he has heard her say his name in her dreams, which is the first time he decided to be with her. He stays with her again that night. Bella asks him if vampire marriages are similar to human marriages in every way, and he says that yes they are.  He also explains that it would be impossible for them to be as close as married people are, because he might break her. Then he tells her he has never felt this way about anyone else, and she agrees. He sings her to sleep.