What is the summary for Chapter 13 of Rob Roy?

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Die chides Frank for his behavior and his drunkenness the night before, warning him that he is becoming more like his cousins. He tells her that he has no intention of being influenced to take up the life they lead.

Die asks Frank the reason why he seemed to have been upset with her the night before. She can tell that his opinion of her has lowered, and she would like to know the cause. He evades answering her question, coming up with excuses that she sees right through. Finally he admits the truth, telling her what Rashleigh had related to her about her intended marriage to one of the Osbaldistones. He also tells her that Rashleigh distanced himself from her in order to prevent her becoming attracted to him.

Die is furious, though she had some reason to believe this was the cause of Frank’s changed attitude toward her. She tells Frank that Rashleigh became her tutor for the sole purpose of becoming intimate with her and seducing her. She admits that she could have been drawn into his trap at one time, but now she would rather go into a convent, or even prison, than to marry Rashleigh or any of her cousins.

Frank is ready to call Rashleigh out, but Die prevents him. She hints that there are other holds that Rashleigh has on her and on others that would make angering him further dangerous. Nevertheless, Frank writes a letter to Owen, warning him of the character of Rashleigh, who departs for London to join Frank’s father’s mercantile company.

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