What is the summary for Chapter 12 of Rob Roy?

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At dinner, Frank is in a foul mood, due to Rashleigh’s revelation of Die’s future with either him or one of his brothers. He quarrels with Die, causing her to leave the table. Frank drinks more wine than is usual, to calm his emotions, to the point that he becomes drunk. He argues with his cousins. It comes to a head when he strikes Rashleigh. Though Rashleigh does not take offense, Thorncliff does, and swords are drawn. Before the fight can progress too far, Frank is carted off to his bedchamber and locked in until morning.

When he awakens, Frank is chagrined at the memory of the night before. More embarrassing, he knows he must apologize. When he goes to breakfast, all are there except Rashleigh and Die. He makes a general apology, but they all joke about it until they see he is truly remorseful. Thorncliff, however, clearly does not like Frank, of which Frank is very aware. He thinks it might be because he sees in Frank a possible rival for Die’s attentions.

When Rashleigh comes to breakfast, Frank notices that his face is dark and furious, clearly unforgiving for the insult he now feels from the night before. Frank apologizes, and Rashleigh instantly becomes cheerful. Frank is bothered by this sudden turn of feeling, and wonders again at Rashleigh’s sincerity. Frank apologizes as well to Die, who quickly forgives him and asks for his help in translating Dante.

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