What is the summary for Chapter 12 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

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Harry is left in Dumbledore's office, and sees the Sorting Hat. He puts it on to find out if he was put in the right House, and the hat tells him that he would have done really well in Slytherin. Harry pulls the hat off, upset, and looks over at Dumbledore's sick-looking bird. Just at that moment the bird bursts into flames. Harry calls out, and Dumbledore comes and tells him that the bird Fawkes is a phoenix that will be reborn from the ashes. Hagrid bursts in and comes to Harry's defense, and Dumbledore says he doesn't think Harry did anything, but he wants to talk to him. Alone again, Dumbledore asks Harry if he has anything he wants to share. Harry thinks about the voices, but doesn't tell Dumbledore. Over Christmas, almost everyone leaves except Malfoy and his henchmen Crabbe and Goyle. On Christmas day Hermione tells them that the potion is ready, and after the Christmas feast, they drug Crabbe and Goyle and steal some hair. Hermione has hair from a Slytherin girl Millicient Bulstrode. They change, but Hermione stays in the bathroom and doesn't want to show herself. Harry and Ron (as Crabbe and Goyle) find Malfoy, who shows them an article about Mr. Weasley getting fined for the bewitched car. Malfoy makes fun of Colin, and wishes aloud that he knew who the heir was. He says his father won't tell him about the time 50 years ago when the chamber was opened. When the boys begin to change they run back to the bathroom to find Hermione was accidentally turned into a cat.

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