What is the summary for Chapter 13 of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian?This chapter is titled "My Sister Sends Me an Email".

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Junior receives an email from his sister shortly before Thanksgiving.  She tells him that she loves it in Montana, and that Indians still ride horses there.  She is looking for a job, and has sent out applications to all the restaurants on the reservation.

There are six or seven towns on the Flathead Reservation, and oddly, some of them are "filled with white people".  Some of those white people are not fond of Indians, and one town, called Polson, actually once tried to secede from the reservation, but on the whole, Mary says that the people there are nice, "the whites and Indians".

Mary is especially excited about the great hotel on Flathead Lake where she and her new husband had their honeymoon.  She describes their suite, which had a separate bedroom and even a phone in the bathroom, and most unbelievably, on the room service menu, there was Indian fry bread!  Mary was so surprised to find fry bread on the menu that she ordered some, thinking it would not be very good, but as it turns out, it "was great...almost as good as grandma"s".  Incongruously, the fry bread came on a fancy plate, and she ate it with a fancy fork and knife.

Mary ends her email on an ecstatic note.  She says her honeymoon was "a dream come true", and that she loves her life, her husband, and Montana (Chapter 13).

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