What is the summary for Chapter 11 of Twilight?

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In Biology class, the teacher shows a movie, and Bella and Edward both seem to have to exert serious self-control in order to keep from going insane.  After class, Edward walks Bella to gym, and allows himself to stroke her cheek one time before leaving her.  She feels icy and warm at the same time from his touch.

After school, Bella again probes him for information about his hunting practices, and why he won’t allow her to see him do it.  He explains that during the hunt, a vampire loses most of his humanity, and he fears that he would not have the control to keep her safe in such a situation. 

After school, Edward continues to question Bella, this time deepening the level of his inquiries.  They continue in this manner until it is almost time for Charlie to get home.  Edward tells her that it is twilight, which is the safest time of day for vampires, because the night is coming; but it is also sad, because the darkness always comes.  As Bella prepares to get out of Edward’s car, Billy Black and Jacob arrive at the Swan household.  Knowing that Billy is suspicious of the Cullens, Bella is nervous that he might say something to Charlie.  She hadn’t yet decided how to approach the topic of Edward with Charlie, and she doesn’t want to be ratted out by Billy.

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