What is the summary for Chapter 11 of Rob Roy?

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The next day being a Sunday, there is no hunt, but everyone remains in the Hall, most in utter boredom. Sir Hildebrand chides Frank for being accused of highway robbery. Rashleigh comes to his defense, that Sir Hildebrand should put aside his suspicions and support his own nephew.

Later, when they are alone, Frank takes issue with this, stating that it would be better if Rashleigh convinced Sir Hildebrand to rid himself of his suspicions rather than just hiding them. Rashleigh points out that his father clings with tenacity to his suspicions.

Rashleigh asks what manner of man Frank’s father is, since he will be living and working with him soon. Frank portrays him as honest, strict in his own integrity and demanding it in others, having little patience with Jacobites, though he will respect Rashleigh’s Catholic faith, since tolerance is a crucial part of his own.

Frank asks Rashleigh about Die. Rashleigh insinuates that, having been her tutor, he began to put some distance between them when she got older, fearing that she would become too attracted to him. Since he is destined for the priesthood, he fears such closeness would be improper.

Frank is disgusted with Rashleigh’s assumption that Die could be attracted to him. It points out Rashleigh’s pride and ego. Rashleigh also informs Frank that Die is destined to marry one of her Osbaldistone cousins, having received a dispensation from the pope for that purpose. This news upsets Frank greatly.

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