What is the summary for Chapter 10 of Twilight?

Expert Answers
jessecreations eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bella sits with Edward at lunch the next day, and he spends the rest of the day questioning her about every aspect of her life.  Amongst other things, he wants to know if Bella believes she likes him more than he likes her, and then tells her that she couldn’t be more wrong.  She tells him that sometimes she feels he is trying to pull away from her and say goodbye, but then stops himself.  She also says that she is too ordinary for someone like him; but he tells her she doesn’t see herself clearly if that’s what she thinks.  He also tells her that he sometimes wants to say goodbye so that she will be safe and away from him, and if he can do that, it proves he likes her more because it would hurt him to let her go but he would do it to keep her safe.  He later invites her to spend the day with him the following Saturday, but to stay around town instead of going to Seattle.  She agrees, on the condition that he lets her drive.

Bella asks Edward about his hunting preferences, and he explains that he likes to drink from mountain lions while his brother Edward enjoys wild grizzly bears.  She seems shocked, but he explains that vampires have their own weapons, such as super strength and very sharp teeth, to make them an appropriate match for the ferocious beasts.  She asks if she can watch him hunt sometime, and he says no, but won’t explain why.