What is the summary for Chapter 10 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

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Lockhart makes Harry his teacher's pet, and begins bringing him up to the front of the class to act out stories from his books. Capitalizing on Lockhart's vanity, the students ask him for permission to take out the restricted book in the library on potions, saying they were influenced by his book. When they get the book, they return to Moaning Myrtle's out of order bathroom and flip through the book to find Polyjuice potion, discovering that it will take them a month to prepare and gather all the hard to find ingredients. On Saturday, Harry plays in the the Quidditch match. During the game, it appears that someone has tampered with the bludger, causing it to go after Harry. It hits him and breaks his arm, just before he grabs the Snitch (and winning the game) and falls to the ground. After a bungled attempt by Lockhart to cure Harry, he ends up in the infirmary. That night Dobby shows up and admits the Bludger was his, to persuade Harry to go home. Dobby knows about the Chamber of Secrets but won't (or can't) tell Harry. Dobby leaves when Dumbledore shows up at the infirmary with a Petrified Colin Creevey, who had been on his way to visit Harry in the infirmary. Dumbledore figures that this must mean the Chamber of Secrets has opened again, but there are many more questions than there are answers.

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