What is the summary for Chapter 11 of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian?This chapter is titled "Halloween".

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On Halloween, Junior goes to school dressed as "a homeless dude".  Coincidentally, Penelope goes dressed as a homeless woman.  Penelope compliments Junior on his costume, telling him that he looks "really homeless", and he tells her that she looks "really cute".  Penelope explains that she is not trying to be cute; her intent is to protest the treatment of the homeless in America.  She is going to ask for spare change instead of candy when she goes trick-or-treating, and will donate what she receives to the homeless.  Junior says that he is wearing his costume to protest the treatment of homeless Native Americans in this country, and that like Penelope, he will collect spare change as well.  The two decide to send in their donations together.

Later that night, Junior goes trick-or-treating, and actually does collect a good amount of spare change as well as candy.  Unfortunately, as he is walking home, he is attacked by three guys wearing Frankenstein masks, who beat him up and take his candy and money.  Junior hopes that one of them is not Rowdy. 

When Junior tells Penelope what happened, she is sympathetic.  She touches "the huge purple bruise on (his) back", and says she will still put both their names on her donation when she sends it in.  Junior hopes he and Penelope will become closer after this, but not much changes.  He realizes that to make a "beautiful white girl" like Penelope love him, he will have to pretty much change everything about himself (Chapter 11).

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