What is the summary for Chapter 1 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter One:  The Boy Who Lived

The Dursleys lived at number four, Privet Drive, and were happy to say that they were a very "normal" family with one son named Dudley.  It was Mrs. Dursley's sister, Mrs. Potter, who was the strange one.  The Dursleys lived in fear that this secret would get out.

One evening, strange things begin to happen on Privet drive regarding cats and owls and people in cloaks.  Mr. Dursley gets worried only when he hears a reference to "the Potters" and "their son, Harry."  A stranger even hugs Dursley on the street, proclaiming that "You-Know-Who has gone at last!"  The Dursleys continue to worry into the night that these new strange happenings could somehow affect them.

Meanwhile, a very tall, old man in a purple cloak appears on the street.  He puts out the lights with a strange contraption and begins speaking to a tabby cat that turns into a stern looking witch named Professor McGonagall.  The begin discussing the infamous "You-Know-Who" named Voldemort and reveal that he has killed Lilly and James Potter.  Voldemort, however, did not succeed in killing little Harry Potter who somehow survived with only a scar on his forehead while Voldemort, a very powerful and evil wizard, lost all of his power.

Dumbledore (the old wizard in the purple cloak) and Professor McGonagall have come to bring little Harry Potter to his aunt and uncle (the only family he has left):  the Dursleys.  McGonagall is disgusted Harry has to be left with these horrible "Muggles" (non-wizard folk), but Dumbledore reveals that it will be good for Harry to grow up where he is not so famous for destroying Voldemort.

Suddenly a huge motorcycle falls out of the air and lands in front of them.  Hagrid, a large man with bushy black hair, has brought Harry Potter safely to Privet Drive.  The three look a little sad as they leave Harry Potter on the doorstep with only simple note of explanation for the Dursleys.

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