What is the summary for Chapter 1 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

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Harry is back at Privet Drive, living with the Dursleys, who are all very unhappy that he is a wizard. They have locked all of his magical belongings in the cupboard under the stairs and have confined Harry’s owl Hedwig to her cage. Today is Harry’s birthday, and the Dursley’s haven’t remembered or cared. In fact, they are preparing for an important business dinner party and they want Harry to stay out of the way. Harry misses his friends Ron and Hermione, but isn’t allowed to use magic outside of school, so he can’t contact them. He is upset that no one has contacted him over the summer, and he begins to wonder if it was all real. As he sits thinking about Hogwarts in the back yard, he sees two eyes staring out of the hedge at him. He’s about to find out who is in the hedge when Dudley comes out and taunts him about his birthday and how everyone’s forgotten him. Harry pretends to do magic to scare Dudley, and he is put to work as punishment. As he does exhausting yard work, he worries that he doesn’t have any real friends, and that no one misses him. At the end of the day as the Dursleys are getting ready for their important dinner guests, he is sent to his room and told to stay quiet. Harry is ready to collapse on his bed, but there is someone sitting there.

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Chapter 1 – The Worst Birthday

The second Harry Potter book begins at the Dursleys – Harry’s Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Cousin Dudley. Harry, who is “home” for the summer holidays, desperately misses Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He misses the castle, and Hagrid, and Quidditch. But all his wizard stuff is locked in the cupboard under the stairs. The Dursleys, being non-magical Muggles, hate everything having to do with magic.

Today is Harry’s 12th birthday. Not only have the Dursleys ignored it, they are focused on a dinner party to be given for a business prospect of Uncle Vernon's that night. Harry is expected to sit silently in his room during the party.

Out in the garden, Harry thinks of his friends from Hogwarts - Ron and Hermione - who haven’t written to him all summer. He wants to send Hedwig with a letter, but mustn’t use magic outside Hogwarts.

Just as Harry is remembering his narrow escape from Lord Voldemort last year at Hogwarts, he sees two enormous green eyes in the hedge!! They disappear just as Dudley waddles over to tease Harry about his birthday. Harry scares Dudley by pretending to cast a spell, but is punished by Aunt Petunia with a slew of chores in the hot sun while Dudley lazes about and eats ice cream.

Finally Harry is given a pitiful meal of bread and cheese and sent upstairs just as the doorbell rings. Harry turns to collapse on his bed, only to find someone sitting on it!!!

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