What is the summary for Act 3 of The Man of Mode?

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After arguing with Busy about makeup and beauty, Harriet admits that Bellair is fashionable, but still admits that he is a "blockhead" who is simply well-bred.  Young Bellair and Harriet decide to "pretend to be in love with one another" just to see what transpires.  Sure enough, they fool Woodvill and Old Bellair.Emilia reveals to both Belinda and Townley that she likes Dorimant as well.  Bellinda is angry with Dorimant for his cruelty to Loveit, but is swayed by his persistence.  He also asks Bellinda to persuade Loveit to walk in the Mall so that she can meet Fopling and be caught in the act of flirtation.  Dorimant and Fopling discuss fashion and flatter each other in that regard.  Dorimant, of course, speaks unkindly about Fopling behind his back and lies to Fopling about Loveit liking him.  Fopling is hesitant because Loveit resisted his flirtations the first time, but agrees to meet her anyway.  Dormant guesses that it was Harriet behind the mask and vows to win her.  Harriet, however, does not cower to Dorimant's whims as most women do.  Bellinda is distressed to learn that Loveit plans to continue the flirtation with Fopling in order to make Dorimant jealous.  Loveit’s plan works and Bellinda begins to wonder about Dorimant's affections.  Medley bids Dorimant come to a dance that Harriet is sure to attend and disguise himself as "Mr. Courtage," hoping that Harriet will take his mind off Loveit.