What is a summary of the first episode of We Shall Remain entitled "After the Mayflower"? 

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"After the Mayflower," which is the first episode of the series We Shall Remain, is an account of the lives of American Indians and European settlers in the 1600s, which was a century of territorial exploration and war on the newly discovered continent of North America. One astounding, though often forgotten, fact which is salient to mention is that what would eventually become the longest war in the recorded history of the world started in the 1600s between American Indians and European settlers. For about 300 years, the two cultures fought against each other over land, preservation of culture, and survival, and this first episode captures the scenes which lead up to the start of this incredibly long and costly war. Through this lens, we understand why and how the American Indians and European settlers have had such a troubled past.

In present-day Massachusetts, English colonists began to settle in the early 1600s. After embarking on a perilous journey and arriving in a land that was...

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