What is the summary for I Feel Bad About My Neck?

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In I Feel Bad About My Neck And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman, Nora Ephron shares her thoughts about aging and life events, both large and small. She writes from the point of view of a liberal, aging New Yorker who is comfortable financially but not as much with the changes life brings as one reaches a certain age. She speaks of work, marriage, children, divorce, living in New York, and the location of her purse. Nora Ephron is a prolific author who shares her innermost thoughts about the problems with exercise, hair care, and body image as women live through menopause and beyond in this collection of stories from her life. “I can’t understand why anyone would write fiction when what actually happens is so amazing,” she writes.” As the title reflects, she seeks help from her plastic surgeon for her sagging neck. Ephron loves life as a New Yorker and her stories reflect that. This humorous book spans decades from her time as a young intern in the Kennedy White House to her trials with menopause. Her take on things can be funny and poignant but she always speaks her truth.

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