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Describe the Exile of Rama in Ramayana.

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I think it's fair to say that anything involving the Ramayana will involve some level of intricacy and depth.  The epic lends itself to this.  Lord Rama having demonstrated valor and greatness was to become the successor to his father's throne, King Dasa- Ratha.  While most everyone supported this plan, one of the King's wives named, Kaikeyi who was mother to Bharat, one of Rama's brothers, was unhappy with this decision.  Encouraged by her maid- servant, Manthara, she demanded that the king live up to a promise he made when he was sick in her arms to grant her any boon.  The promise that Kaikeyi exacted from her husband was to promote Bharat to successor to Dasa- Ratha and expel Rama to the forest.  In proving his valor and character, Rama accepted the judgment, arguing that his father should not be made to break his word.  Rama and Lakshman left the comforts of palace life and went to the forest for their banishment.  Despite Rama's protestations, Sita demanded to accompany her husband.  It is through this exile that the moral and ethical implications of the Valmiki epic begin to take intense form.

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