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What is the summary and different parts of the plot of Jack London's story "All Gold Canyon"?

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At the beginning of "All Gold Canyon," Jack London spends a long time painting a beautiful picture of a California mountain canyon in the springtime, which is unquestionably the time of year in which that landscape is the most lush and peaceful. The only character in this part of the story is a large deer, but then the deer becomes alert: he hears a human, and he knows enough to run.

Here the tone shifts significantly. The man's singing fills the canyon "and the spirit of the place fled away on the heels of the red-coated buck." Oblivious to the changes, the man, a prospector, is delighted, and he sets up camp. He immediately starts digging up the land and panning for gold. He pans sections up and down the stream, figuring out where the gold is concentrated and where the deposit begins and ends. He continues this pattern, mapping out the gold deposit by digging up everywhere in the valley that he finds gold, and he talks to the "pocket" of gold that he believes he is hunting in the...

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