What is a summary of Diary Two from The Freedom Writers Diary?  

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Interesting question! In Diary Two of The Freedom Writers Diary, several interesting components are revealed through the author.

In this section, the author reveals that he does not feel as though he belongs in the classroom. The author illustrates that he is the only white student in the classroom. The author believes that he belongs in the other classroom with the mainly white “distinguished scholars.” As the author reveals:

“I feel really uncomfortable in here with all these rejects.”

Not only this, but he also discusses that mixing all the races in this classroom is problematic. As the author demonstrates, during lunch, all of the students segregate based on their race. He believes that this is acceptable and that the school will regret mixing up the races and putting them into the same classroom.

Thus, the author does not feel as though he belongs. Subsequently, the author also believes that the school is making a mistake for mixing the students from different races together in this classroom. Consequently, despite that he should be in this classroom (due to his academic struggles in English), the author wants to be placed in another class.  

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