What is the summary for Ian Fleming's Diamonds Are Forever?

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Diamonds Are Forever is the fourth in the series of espionage novels written by English author Ian Fleming and featuring British secret agent James Bond. In this installment, Bond is dispatched by his superiors to infiltrate a diamond smuggling ring operating out of the West African nation of Sierra Leoni. The story that follows involves Bond's affair and alliance with a member of the smuggling organization named Tiffany Case, and their joint efforts at destroying the smuggling operation and surviving the efforts of the organization's leaders, Jack and Serrafimo Spang, to kill them. Diamond Are Forever follows Bond, and Case, as they travel to London, New York and Las Vegas, as well as sailing aboard the British passenger ship RMS Queen Elizabeth, with the Spang's assassins in tow, most prominently a homosexual couple named Wint and Kidd. Bond is ultimately successful in destroying the smuggling operation and in killing the Spans, but not before enduring various forms of physical danger, including torture at the hands of the smuggling organization.