Death of a Salesman Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

Death of a Salesman book cover
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What is a summary of Death of a Salesman act 1?  

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Death of a Salesman begins with Willy Loman entering his house and being greeted by his surprised wife, Linda. Willy has just returned from a business trip, but he wasn't due home for a few days. When Linda asks why he's home early, Willy confesses that he has had some trouble driving. Linda says he shouldn't be driving so much and suggests he ask his boss for a transfer to the New York office, as it would be much more convenient. Willy agrees and is sure that his boss will be okay with this, because of his loyalty to Willy.

Biff, Willy and Linda's eldest son, enters; he has just returned from a trip out west, where he was working as a farmhand. Willy believes that Biff is squandering his potential and doing so on purpose, but Biff is just not interested in the kind of career that Willy wants for him. In...

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