What is the summary for A Darkness at Sethanon?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, this is the fourth volume in The Riftwar Saga deemed A Darkness at Sethanon.  As such, it is a complete fantasy novel filled with magic and war and a complete conclusion to the series.

The two main characters are Pug (often known as Milamber) and Tomas as they explore the evil that seems to penetrate Midkemia.  The evil comes in the form of large groups of warriors ("legions") that gather in order to make slaves of the citizens of the Kingdom of the Isles to evil sorcerers.  In order to save Midkemia, Pug and Tomas are thrust into a battle between chaos and order, and it is set to begin in the ruins of another city:  Sethanon.  Hence the title.

Pug, a master of magic himself, takes Tomas along on a quest to the beginning of time in order to release the citizens from the eventual reign of the evil sorcerers.  As Pug and Tomas do this, there are many instances where there is a wrong to set right, ... and Pug and Tomas kind of magically do it without much issue.  Pug's magic is used in almost every instance, almost because it is simply "easier." 

In conclusion, I should say that there are many subplots here that make up this conclusion of the series.  But generally Pug, Arutha, and Jimmy are characterized well and fully.  There is also some much needed background on the Macros. Most importantly, however, the great skill of both Pug and Tomas remain paramount in this conclusion to The Riftwar Saga.

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