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Stephen King's  Cujo is the story of a rabid St. Bernard who traps a woman and her son in their car. This is the summary of the surface level of the novel, but like the rest of King's works there are many other factors at work. No one is aware that the good-natured dog has been bitten by a rabid rabbit. The woman and her son take the car to a deserted, isolated repair shop, where the car breaks down and the rabid dog lives. She has left a note saying where they were going, but her ex-lover broke into the house and destroyed the note. The people who are usually at the repair shop are either away, or already killed by Cujo. It is hot outside, and the woman is afraid to try to get into the house/repair shop. If the door is locked, she believes the dog will kill her, and her son will be alone in the car. As she and her son are dehydrated and near death, she is forced to leave the car, and manages to kill the dog. In the book, her son has died. There is a movie of this book; in the movie, the son lives.

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