What is the summary for Coraline the Book?

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While exploring her new home, a rambling old house with small apartments, Coraline finds a little door in the living room—a door unlike any other in the house, as it is locked. At first, when Coraline’s mother is present, it opens on nothing but a brick wall. Later, however, when Coraline is alone, she opens the door again to find a long passageway that leads her to a home that resembles an almost-mirror image of her own. Here, colors are brighter, food tastes better, and the “Other” mother and father (parental doppelgangers with black button eyes) who inhabit this parallel world lavish her with the love and undivided attention she feels she lacks from her busy writer parents. Younger and more liberal, the Other parents are the young Coraline’s idealized version of the perfect mother and father. They are so taken with her, in fact, they want her to leave her real parents and live with them—forever. The proposition sounds tempting, until Coraline discovers the souls of all the lost children the Other Mother has imprisoned behind mirrors. She realizes then that she must do something to free them, even though it means incurring the wrath of the magical Other Mother and putting herself, as well as her real family, in very real danger.

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