What is the summary of "Cooking Lesson" by Rosario Castellanos?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is the story of a newly married Mexican woman who tries to cook a roast for dinner.  She is frustrated because although women are expected to have good culinary skills, she is a novice at cooking and must consult a cookbook which has directions she finds difficult to follow.  She manages to get the roast started, but burns it, and is faced with a dilemma.  She can destroy the evidence of her failure and greet her husband dressed flirtatiously when he comes home, in hopes he will take them out to dinner, or she can tell him the truth and ruin the perception he has of her as the perfect wife.  The story ends with the woman debating the merits of pretending to meet society's and her culture's expectations of woman and wife, or of being true to herself. 

There is an excellent, slightly more detailed summary of the story at the enotes link referenced below.

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