What is the summary for Conversations of Socrates?

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Conversations of Socrates is the title of a book of translations edited by Robin Waterfield of Xenophon's Socratic works. It is based on earlier translations by Hugh Tredennick. It contains translations of four works by Xenophon, Apology, Memorabilia, Symposium, and Oeconomicus, all of which portray speeches or conversations in which Socrates is the main character.

Xenophon, ca. 430 to 354 BC, was an Athenian soldier, writer, and friend of Socrates. Although born in Athens, he sympathized more with the Spartan oligarchy than the Athenian democracy, and spent much of the second half of his career in Sparta. 

Xenophon's Socratic works differ from the Platonic ones in portraying Socrates as more conventionally moralistic and pious than Plato does. His Socrates is less philosophically sophisticated than the one we see in Plato, not advocating a theory of forms or idea-mathematicals, but instead providing guidance on the manners, morals, and duties of a gentleman.

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