What is the summary for "Conrad in Beverly Hills" by Jake Fuchs?

Expert Answers
jcross373 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The book "Conrad in Beverly Hills" is a very witty and nostalgic novel written by Jake Fuchs. The book focuses on a professor by the name of Conrad Keppler. Conrad works with a lady by the name of Kate who obviously is fond of the professor. However, Conrad has no idea how to respond to Kate's advances. Conrad's childhood begins to creep up on him and interfere with his daily life. The professor is the son of a screenwriter who fell victim to Hollywood. Conrad felt very abandoned by his egotistical father and not-so-devoted mother.  Conrad believes his childhood is the reason why he cannot reciprocate Kate's advances. However, Conrad later found a story written by his father that was not finished. This story gave Conrad the courage to help him overcome his childhood and move on with Kate. This book is wonderfully written and really points out the importance of young boys having positive relationships with their fathers. I highly recommend reading this very witty novel; it is extremely moving.