What is the summary for Cold Fire?

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Jim Ironheart, a retired teacher, risks his own life to help save the lives of others. While in Portland, Ironheart saves a boy from a drunk driver in a van and in Boston, he saves a child from an explosion. Ironheart has no idea why he has visions, but believes he is a God-sent angel. A reporter by the name of Holly Thorne was in Portland writing an article, while she witnessed Ironheart saving the child from the drunk driver. Thorne thought there was something strange about Ironheart's story of how he knew about the boy. After doing some investigating, she discovers that there have been several last minute rescues over the past few months by an unnamed Good Samaritan named Jim. The reporter is very fascinated by Jim and his very intriguing, but cold eyes, which burn with passion (Cold Fire). Thorne follows Jim on his next rescue and trails him to the airport, where they both board a plane bound for Chicago. She confronts Jim and learns about his gift, but he tells her that he has no idea why God has picked the next two people that he has been chosen to save. Thorne doubts Ironheart and does not believe that God would allow these two people to be saved, but allow all of the other passengers to die. Thorne persuades Ironheart to notify the pilot of the impending crash, but the plane still crashes. However; the number of fatalities is dramatically reduced. Thorne presses Ironheart on his childhood memories in hopes of finding out more about these visions. However; most of his memories are missing. He knows very little about his life and gets very upset when questioned. Ironheart whispers disturbing thoughts in his sleep for several nights in a row, while Thorne listens. Needless to say, both Thorne and Ironheart begin to think that God is not behind these visions.   Holly believes the answers behind these vision lay in the ranch, but Jim is very reluctant, but as they get closer, he realizes that there is something very powerful behind his visions. While inside, an alien reveals itself and calls himself The Friend and that the attack on Jim the other night was orchestrated by The Enemy. Holly asks the friend why Jim was chosen, but receives very childish answers in return. After Jim leaves the room, Holly finds out that Jim is the source of both The Friend and The Enemy and after his parents died, he became obsessed with a book about an alien that lived in a windmill. His obsession was so intense that he never grew up until the adult Jim ran away and began a normal life. In the end, Holly helps Jim come to terms with his past and the two end up starting a life together. 

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