What is the summary for Circus of the Damned?

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Circus of the Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton is part of a series of moderately pornographic horror novels concerning the adventures of a vampire hunter, Anita Blake, possessed of quasi-supernatural powers. The novel is set in New Orleans and has a plot serving as a pretext for non-stop descriptions of sex and violence. 

Blake is part of a love triangle involving a preternaturally attractive vampire, Jean-Claude, and an equally attractive werewolf (also with inhumanly powerful sexuality), Richard Zeeman. 

Blake's opponent in the novel is Mr. Oliver, the world's oldest living vampire, who is actually over a million years old and a member of the species homo erectus rather than homo sapiens. Jean-Claude is attempting to persuade humans to legalize vampirism but Mr. Oliver wants to return to older vampire traditions and keep the ancient enmity between humans and vampires intact. 

Oliver captures Jean-Claude, but Blake ends up killing Oliver and his servants and saving Jean-Claude's life. 


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