Cicero: The Life and Times of Rome's Greatest Politician

by Anthony Everitt
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What is the summary for Cicero: The Life and Times of Rome's Greatest Politician?

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Cicero: The Life and Times of Rome's Greatest Politician is a biography written by Anthony Everitt. The biography chronicles Marcus Tullius Cicero, a lawyer, scholar, writer, and senator from the Roman Republic. The book is based on a plethora of historical sources, which includes over 900 letters written by Cicero. Everitt's book focuses on the political life of Cicero rather than his scholarly work. The author discusses one theme that relates his career as a politician as well as a writer, which is the preservation of the Roman Republican form of government. Everitt does focus a little on Cicero's personal life. Cicero had a daughter who died during childbirth, which led to his nervous breakdown. In Everitt's eyes, Cicero did enjoy power, but never swayed from his constitutionality. Toward the end of his life, Cicero began to use unconstitutional principles to achieve his goals. Everitt points out in his book that Cicero did not realize that in order to achieve a good government there needed to be structural reforms and not just good men. Overall, Everitt believed that Cicero would have restored the Republic if he would not have encountered multiple accidents. 

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