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This is one of those novels where the title should make you smile.  Considering the animals that Wahoo Cray has grown up around, Chomp is the perfect name for his story. 

Cray's dad is an animal wrangler by trade, so Cray is used to having all sorts of exotic creatures around.  The irony is that, even with all sorts of wildlife around, it is Cray's dad that is the most unpredictable. It isn't long before Cray's dad accepts a position on a TV show called Expedition Survival! It turns out that the star of the show has a really big ego and Cray has to wrangle his own dad to keep him from hurting Derek Badger. Badger begins to think he can use real wild animals for the stunts on the show.  As they begin to shoot an episode in the Florida Everglades, Badger gets bitten by a bat and vanishes.  There is a wild escapade (including a hijacked airboat) in an effort to retrieve him, and the episode shot in the everglades becomes a complete success.  Unfortunately, Cray's dad demands a higher salary as a result and is let go. 

In conclusion, I should mention that there is an important side plot about a young lady in Cray's own life: Tuna (a young lady who is abused by her own dad).   She becomes an admirer of Cray and accompanies everyone on the everglades trip.  Tuna eventually has the courage to leave her dad and live with her mom.

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