What happens in chapter 7 of the book, "Adam of the Road"?

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Chapter 7 opens with Adam, Hugh, and Martin discussing which squire they like the best.  Hugh likes the squire of the stable, while Adam's hero is Simon Talbot.  The boys know Simon loves Emilie, but Simon is poor, and Hugh says Emilie is going to marry Sir Gervase.  Hugh emphasizes that Emilie's must marry Gervase even if she prefers Simon, because her father wishes it, and being "only a girl", she must obey.  Adam is puzzled, because ladies are held in such high esteem by knights and in stories, but in real life, they really have no status at all.  Emilie does indeed marry Sir Gervaise, and minstrels come from all around to entertain at the wedding.

Roger tells Adam that after the wedding, they will have to take to the road again.  Adam will miss the de Lisles, but remembers that his father always said that "the road is home to the minstrel".  He decides that as long as he has Roger and Nick, things will be all right.  At the end of the festivities, the minstrels are each given a purse "heavy with pennies" in appreciation of their work.  As they receive their gifts, Adam notices a minstrel named Jankin, "a little, dark-haired man with sharp black eyes".  Adam likes Jankin because he has taken an interest in Nick.  That night however, the older minstrels play at dice, and Roger loses both his purse and his horse Bayard to Jankin in the gambling.

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