What is a summary of chapters 6, 7, and 8 in Gary Schmidt's Okay for Now?

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One of the most important events in chapter 6 of Gary Schmidt's Okay for Now is that Doug is called into Principal Peattie's office and told he needs to make up the wrestling unit he has missed, and he must make it up during his fifth-period lunchtime. Most importantly, Principal Peattie says something to Doug that further develops the feelings of hurt, rejection, and inferiority Doug struggles with all throughout the book. When Doug replies that Coach Reed "must really love me to want to see me twice," Principal Peattie says, "He doesn't," then says something so very hurtful Doug decides not to relay it to his reader (p. 170). The principal's hurtful words remain weighing on his heart throughout the rest of the chapter and book until Principal Peattie finally apologizes, admitting he was wrong. Another major event in chapter 6 is that Doug's older brother, Lucas, returns home from the Vietnam War, having lost his legs.

One important event in chapter 7 is that Doug begins developing a better relationship with Coach Reed as Doug begins helping the coach fill in the "Presidential Physical Fitness charts" (p. 206). Doug further begins bonding with the coach by talking about how silent Lucas is after having returned from the war and about his bad dreams. At first Coach Reed doesn't respond much to Doug's comments about Lucas, but soon enough, the coach asks Doug how his brother is doing; the two of them then enter a conversation about the coach's own dreams from the war.

Multiple important events happen in chapter 8 that, once resolved much later, are a part of the book's overall resolution. The first important event is that Doug arrives home one day to find that his prized baseball, autographed by Babe Ruth, and Joe Pepitone jacket have been taken. Another major event is that his brother Christopher is implicated in a Tools 'n' More Hardware Store robbery. Feeling humiliated by what the town believes to be his brother's behavior, Doug begins skipping classes, which leads him to another run-in with Principal Peattie.

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