What is a summary of chapters 5 and 6 of In the Time of the Butterflies?

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In chapter five Dede narrates to the interviewer(1994) a story concerning Virgiho Morales (Lio). She was romantically interested in Lio during his youth. After that, the story goes back to 1948. Dede is involved with Jaimito, her cousin that she married. Minerva flirts with Communist thinking. Lio leaves the country, asking Dede to hand Minerva a letter, but she burns it.

In chapter 6, Minerva tells the story that is in 1949. She is bored and wants to go to Law school.She investigates and realizes that her father had 4 daughters out of wedlock. He hid Lio's letters.They attend an outdoor party at Trujillo's where Minerva slaps Trujillo.It rains, the Mirabals leave. Minerva misplaces her handbag, that has Lio's letters. Enrique Mirabal is put under arrest. Minerva and her mother beg Trujillo so Enrique can be released.

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